sansevieria planta hidropónica sansevieria hidropónica
sansevieria planta hidropónica sansevieria hidropónica
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Sansevieria is a plant from the arid regions of South Africa and Asia, where it had to survive in hot deserts, now it can be ordered in hydroponic version.

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dimensions & properties

color plant: green

altura      60cm
ancho      16-18cm
tamaño maceta      18cm Ø

care tips Sansevieria hydroponic plant

How to grow houseplants without substrate - hydroponic growing Sansevieria.

For a plant to grow and flower properly it needs light, oxygen, water, warmth and nutrients. Soil or a substrate does not have to be necessary for (the vast majority of) plants, as the roots can obtain the necessary nutrients from the aqueous solution itself.

Use lukewarm water (tap water should stand for at least 24 hours). Remember that only the roots of the plant should be submerged in the water (without submerging the stem). You should also provide a bright room for the plant. We recommend changing the water every two weeks. To do this, simply throw away the old water, rinse the glass and the roots and pour new water into the glass/container. You can also enrich the water with minerals by buying special liquids for hydroponic plant cultivation.

Cleaning plants in hydroponics mainly involves the careful removal of dead leaves and flowers. Having entered the nutrient solution, they would easily rot in it.

The optimum temperature for Snake Plant is about 20°C.

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ideal place ideal place
indirect light, shade, partial shade


ideal location ideal location
living room, dining room, bedroom, office

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
high level

difficulty level

level level
easy - intermediate


toxicity level toxicity level
toxic to children and pets