duo mini pilea peperomioides con macteros duo mini pilea peperomioides con macteros planta china del dinero 20cm
duo mini pilea peperomioides con macteros duo mini pilea peperomioides con macteros planta china del dinero 20cm
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We present you this duo of Pilea Peperomioides, each with its own pots availbale in 2 colors! According to the Chinese this plant brings good fortune. And 2 of them is double luck! Order online now!

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duo of mini pilea peperomioides 15cm

Nowadays, the Chinese money plant (Pilea Peperomioides) is very popular with plant lovers. It's also known as the Missionary plant. In the past this Missionary plant was quite difficult to obtain, but today it is increasingly seen in many Spanish homes. These two peporomioides pileas have their own pots available in two different colors, aren't they super cute? Together in the living room or each plant in another place, it's up to you!

dimensions & properties

We selected this duo of pilea peperomioides from the Dutch nursery 'Mini Green Plants'. They are super fresh and ready to make their journey to your home.

  • pot size: 10cm Ø
  • height: 15cm ↕
  • color: green
  • amount: 2 pileas and 2 pots
  • plant from eco nursery

care tips

If you have bought a Pilea it is a question of finding a good place in your house, put the plant in a place with enough light, but never directly in the sun. When the sun shines too much, the leaves can get wrinkled and the plant will turn yellow. Turn the plant over from time to time, so that it does not grow crookedly, because the leaves grow towards the light.

The Chinese money plant is easy to water. The soil should not be too wet, but not too dry either. (Sounds logical, doesn't it?) Just water it once a week. That is if the plant prefers to be watered regularly, so that the soil remains slightly moist. This way you will enjoy your peperomioid pool for years and years to come.

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indirect sunlight, partial shade


sitio ideal sitio ideal
living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom

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high level

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nivel nivel


nivel de toxicidad nivel de toxicidad
safe for children and pets


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1 time a week