Las mejores plantas para la oficina o tu negocio

Las plantas y otras adiciones verdes ofrecen muchas ventajas para todos que estamos en la oficina. En primer lugar, las plantas de interior crean una atmósfera y una sensación de relajación. Esto significa que tu y tu personal os sentiraís cómodos trabajando en lo que de otro modo sería un espacio bastante aburrido. Pero además del aspecto estético, las plantas de oficina también ofrecen una serie de beneficios que tienen un impacto positivo directo en la salud.

A very relevant and interesting fact is that growing plants as a therapeutic and liberating activity is available to almost everyone and can significantly improve the quality of life of people, regardless of their age or other factors.

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Ofcourse we know that plants overall receive less attention than the customers, that is because it is a wise choice to choose plants that are easy to take care for. Plants with a special character makes them popular, ones that create a green and pleasant atmosphere in various places. Some plants need a lot of light while others need little. That is why it is important that when you are decorating your place with plants, you take into account where you want to place the plant.

In this blog, we will discuss the plants that have a special need for a certain amount of light, so that you know exactly where the plant can best be placed and how it can best taken care of without the plant dying within a few months. So if you are looking for a suitable and easy to maintain plant for your restaurant or shop or for your office, read more about our top 5 best selling plants to companies.

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1. kentia palm

The Howea kentia palm is a palm native to a group of islands in the Tasman Sea more specific the island called Howea. It is a palm so well known that hardly anyone knows this plant. It is one of the most sold palms for decorating restaurants and offices. A sturdy plant that can grow to a height of many metres.


The kentia palm does well in both places where or little light is available. This makes it suitable for most locations. But make sure this Kentia doesn't get more than 3 hours a day of direct sunlight, otherwise the leaves will discolour.


The temperature is not very important for the Kentia, as long as it does not stay below 13 degrees for too long, then this plant feels comfortable. When the warmth increases a little the plant will grow faster.


The Kentia does not like wet feet, but too dry is not good either. The soil in which the plant stands should always be slightly moist. Give this plant a little splash of water once every 5 days in the winter and 3 times a week in the summer.

our conclusion

a beautiful large green plant that does not require too much attention and is easy to care for.

2. sansevieria

The Sansevieria is one of the plants that belongs in this list because of its special appearance and extremely easy care. This plant species' native soil is on the dry Ethiopian plains, which explains why it is so hardy. It thrives in the harsh Ethiopian climate, where it can get very dry, cold and extremely hot.


The Sansevieria is not very difficult about its position, but it may be that the plant remains more beautiful if it is not placed directly in full sun. This is because when a lot of sunlight hits the Sansevieria, the leaves turn lighter.


This plant prefers warmth but not necessarily direct sunlight.


Once every 8 weeks half a glass is sufficient. In spring and summer it is advisable to moisten the soil once every 2 weeks.

our concluson

A plant that has made a comeback in the western world in recent years. A very sturdy plant that, if you look after it very well, in very exceptional cases will produce flowers that spread a sweet scent.

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3. cactus euphorbia

This beautiful cactus family originates in South America. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the candlestick-like shape is characteristic of the euphorbia.


The Euphorbia likes a lot of direct sunlight, but even in a dark place the cactus will be able to keep well. When it is in a darker place it will not grow quickly. Perfect for when you want to keep it at the size you bought it.


Do not leave this cactus below a temperature of 10 degrees. It prefers warm and dry air.


The euphorbia needs very little water. It is best to wait until the soil is completely dry before giving it another splash of water.

our conclusion

This cactus is a welcome guest in shops and restaurants. You see them especially in companies that have chosen for a tough industrial look. Easy to maintain and you don't have to ask your staff to look after this plant.

4. strelitzia

The strelitzia is number 4 on this list. Because of its appearance, this plant should actually have been number 1. You probably know some strelitzia species because of their beautiful iconic flowers that remind you of a bird of paradise. The large green leaves of the Strelitzia are the most striking thing about this plant. It is very popular plant in restaurants and shops. But it is a plant that needs attention, but if you give it the right care and you have a few years to grow this plant..... Then you will see that this plant is a real tropical surprise.


Place the Strelitzia in the window of your shop or in front of a window, because it likes a lot of light. In fact, it is better for this plant to get too much sunlight instead of too little.


The Strelitzia is a tropical plant and therefore likes a nice warm place, let it grow nicely behind the window, or in a patio.


This plant does not like a constantly moist soil. The plant has thick roots in which it stores water for the drier periods. Give it a good splash of water once a week, but make sure the soil is never too wet.

our conclusion

For us, this is actually the number one most popular plant for commercial use, but due to its more difficult maintenance, it is in last place in the top 5. If this plant was easier to maintain, it would be the number one plant for shops, restaurants, offices.

5. areca

Just like the Kentia, the Areca is a plant that originates from an island, in this case the island Madagascar. This plant is very suitable for creating an green atmosphere in the office, but it will undoubtedly stands beautiful in your home as well.


The areca prefers a lot of sun, but be careful not to leave it in the sun all day because its leaves will discolour quickly.


The temperature is like the Kentia not very important, as long as it does not stay below 13 degrees for too long, then this plant feels comfortable.


The Areca does not like wet roots, a little moist is okay. It is better to give it small amounts of water more often so that the soil does not dry out completely. Spray it now and again with a little water to keep the leaves nice and fresh.

our conclusion

An easy and beautiful plant that completes our top 5 for plants in the office.

advantages plants in offices

  1. Las plantas en la oficina mejoran la calidad del aire.
  2. Tener plantas en la oficina aumenta la creatividad y la productividad.
  3. Las plantas en la oficina aumenta la concentración de la gente.
  4. Las plantas en las oficinas aumentan el bienestar general en el trabajo.
  5. Mejora de la acústica gracias a las plantas dentro la oficina.
  6. Las plantas en la oficina mejoran la imagen corporativa.
  7. Tener plantas en la oficina mejora el espíritu de equipo.
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family benefits

  1. It is also a great family activity. Young children often enjoy being part of the development process.
  2. Observing and learning more about the growth of plants and their fruits makes children more aware and creates better eating habits, such as including vegetables and fruits in their diet in a natural way.

start your green therapy!

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