set orquídeas blancas set orquídeas blancas set orquídeas blancas
set orquídeas blancas set orquídeas blancas set orquídeas blancas
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With this beautiful deco white orchids in reed basket, you are ready to go! stylish deco and green vibes together for your home.
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set of white orchids

This wicker basket is decorated with three white orchids (pot size 12cm) from our Jewel collection. The basket is made of wicker and therefore has a natural look. The basket is equipped with a built-in watering system. The orchids in the basket come with a watering wick. By using a watering wick, you don't have to remove the orchids from the bowl as often. This means your orchids will last even longer.

dimensions & properties

  • plant height: 50cm ↕
  • pot size: 30cm& Ø
  • contents of the set: - Home Reed Basket - 3x Kolibri white Orchids - 3x watering wick - Tillandsia - inlay with water reservoir
  • color: white flowers
  • low to medium maintenance plant
  • eco friendly nursery plant
  • pet-friendly plant ✅

care tips

The Orchid is not a big fan of wet roots, it desires a bit of water when the soil is almost dry. This indoor plant likes a bit of water every 8 to 10 days and preferable in the morning so it can absorb the water during the day.

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ideal place ideal place
indirect sunlight, partial shade


ideal location ideal location
living room, dining room, kitchen, office

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
medium high level

difficulty level

level level
easy - intermediate


toxicity level toxicity level
safe for children and pets


watering frequency watering frequency
1 time every 10 days