musa platanera en macetero terracota musa platanera en macetero terracota hojas musa platanera hojas musa platanera
musa platanera en macetero terracota musa platanera en macetero terracota hojas musa platanera hojas musa platanera
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This mini Musa Dwarf Cavendish Banana tree is super cool! Put it in your home to give a tropical look to your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Order this green buddy now!

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mini banana tree musa dwarf cavendish in terracotta pot

Are you thinking of buying a banana tree for your house in Spain? The little Banana tree in a terracotta pot is a rhizomatous herbaceous plant. There are about 50 different species of the muse, we have selected the musa dwarf cavendish. This Musa is perfectly adapted to indoor climate. Order it now!

dimensions & properties

color plant: green leaves with some red contrasts when the plant gets older

altura      30-35cm
ancho      20-25cm
tamaño maceta      12cm Ø

care tips

We want you to enjoy your banana plant as much as possible. That's why you have to water it constantly during spring, summer and autumn. That's one of the fundamental cares of the banana plant. It loves high and constant humidity. And it will never get tired of the sun, but introduce it slowly to it! (otherwise its leaves will turn brown)

For sure it likes to grow in areas with warm temperatures. It does not usually like the winter in the interior parts of Spain. We recommend you to put the plant inside from December to March if the temperatures are getting below 8-9 celsius degrees. Please fertilize the plant once a year during spring.

If you want to move the muse to another pot, keep in mind that the transplant is always done in spring or autumn, this is when its roots are in the best condition.

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ideal place ideal place
half shade, shade, indirict light


ideal location ideal location
terrace, balcony, garden, patio, living room, office

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
high level

difficulty level

level level
easy to medium


toxicity level toxicity level
safe for children and pets


watering frequency watering frequency
1-3 times a week (3 in summer)

delicate leaves

plant with delicate leaves plant with delicate leaves
the leaves of this musa dwarf cavendish are delicate