duo poto scindapsus pictus trebie duo scindapsus pictus trebie hojas poto scindapsus pictus trebie
duo poto scindapsus pictus trebie duo scindapsus pictus trebie hojas poto scindapsus pictus trebie
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The scindapsus pictus trebie is a green climbing plant. In addition to its beautiful leaves, it purifies the air. This is a cool duo to make hang them in a basket or to put in a pot in your living roo

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scindapsus trebie 120cm

The Scindapsus Pictus Trebie (Pothos or Ceylon Creeper) is a green climbing plant from Southeast Asia. What is most striking about this plant is the beautiful shape of the heart of the leaves and the dark green with the silver spots. This plants is quite easy to care for: just make sure you have a suitable place in the house and water it time by time. These two plants likes to climb on a moss stick, and each one it's in a 12 centimetres diameter plastic pot. If you want, you can choose for a fair price your ceramic pottery of choice (3 different options)!

dimensions and properties

  • plant height: 15cm ↕
  • pot size: 12cm Ø
  • amount: 2
  • color: green leaves with grey/white stains
  • easy care and maintenance plant
  • eco friendly nursery plant

care tips

To enjoy your pothos for a long time, it is good to keep the soil moist, but make sure it doesn't get too wet. Place the plant in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight. In the middle of the shade it will also grow very well.


This scindapsus is a true home air purifier! This means that it will not only converts CO2 into oxygen, but the plant also removes all kinds of harmful substances from the air. A perfect fit for city apartments and houses with poor ventilation!

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ideal place ideal place
indirect sunlight, partial shade, shade


ideal location ideal location
living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, patio

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
high level

difficulty level

level level


toxicity level toxicity level
toxic to children and pets


watering frequency watering frequency
1-2 times a week