kit jardín eterno kit jardín eterno kit para terrario kit plantas para terrario
kit jardín eterno kit jardín eterno kit para terrario kit plantas para terrario
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This kit to create your own everlasting garden with 3 plants (1 white Fittonia, 1 red Fittonia and 1 Calathea) is waiting for you on the web!

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This terrarium kit contains three tropical plants and moss that we have carefully selected. This pack contains everything you need to make an ecosystem in crystal, you add the terrarium of crystal or glass. Don't worry, anyone can do it, even if you don't have a green thumb. We provide an extensive manual with explanations and practical tips and in 4 steps you will be able to enjoy your self-made ecosystem.

  • 3 plants (Calathea, 2 Fittonia)
  • gravel, charcoal and potting soil
  • moss

color plants: green

altura      10-15cm
ancho      5-10cm
tamaño maceta      6cm Ø

care tips eco system in a jar

In order for the plants inside your terrarium to develop, they need first of all sunlight for the photosynthesis process to take place. Therefore, it's good to place the jar in rooms on the north or west side, where the sun's rays aren't too strong.

Temperature fluctuations have a negative effect on the functioning of the 'mini glass ecosystem', which is why it should especially be avoided in the kitchen, bathroom and near radiators.

Water the plants in your terrarium immediately after planting, either by gently spraying the inside of the container or by applying the water directly to the soil with a long pipette. Water your mini-ecosystem sparingly, bearing in mind that the water will not run out of the terrarium, but will return to the ground, condensing on the walls of the container. Only soft water is suitable for watering the ecosystem, i.e. filtered or boiled and cooled water.

The optimal watering frequency for your mini forest terrarium is up to three times a year. It largely depends on the type of plants you put in it, as well as the humidity level inside the container. We water the composition in the jar when the soil is very dry, and the glass shows no signs of evaporation inside.

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Susana - 12-05-2023 19:41

Hola, querí decir que el kit está muy bien, ahora puedo decorar mi terrario que lo tenía sin plantas desde hace un año. Las plantas estaban bien y había mucho musgo verde y fresco. El envío tenía una incidencia con Seur pero el día siguiente lo resolvieron.


ideal place ideal place
indirect light, partial shade


ideal location ideal location
living room, dining room, bedroom, office

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