caladium cherry tart caladium cherry tart
caladium cherry tart caladium cherry tart
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The Caladium is a Brazilian plant that attracts attention with its colours, its arrow-shaped intense pink leaves and its elegant character. This beauty is called Cherry Tart, shop now online!
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caladium cherry tart 50cm

The Caladium Cherry Tart has red pink veins and the rest is white This creates an amazing spectacle and gives a special feeling! The plant is also known to us as the Heart of Jesus or Painter's palette because of its stunning colors.

dimensions & properties

From the nurseries 'Smit' we bring you this 45 centimeter tall Caladium Cherry Tart, a super fresh houseplant.

colour plant: red and green coloured leaves.

altura      40-50cm
ancho      35-40cm
tamaño maceta      15cm Ø

care tips

Caladiums requires its care, but with a little discipline you can enjoy it for years. The caladium has special leaves, thin and large and sensitive. It likes warmth but can't stand direct sunlight, so place it in a bright spot but beware of direct sunlight. Avoid drafts or dry places, such as those too close to heating.

It doesn't hurt to give the plant small trickles of water regularly and, from time to time, spray its leaves with a plant sprayer. You can also fertilize your caladium every 4 weeks in spring and summer to help it develop better. If you give it too much fertilizer, the leaves will start to fall off, don't panic, just give it a couple of times with clean water and it will continue to grow happily. As the heart of Jesus continually produces new leaves, the older leaves will also die. The old leaves can be cut off with a clean knife or scissors so that the energy can go to the new leaves.

The Caladium is a seasonal product. In winter the plant goes into rest, this means that the plant will drop all its leaves and go into hibernation. During this period you should also not water it. Keep the tuber in a dark place, above 13 degrees. From February onwards you can replant the tuber and give it small amounts of water.

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ideal place ideal place
lindirect light, partial shade


ideal location ideal location
living room, dining room

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
medium high level

difficulty level

level level
intermediate - hard


toxicity level toxicity level
toxic to children and pets


watering frequency watering frequency
2 times a week (low amount)