musa maurelli musa maurelli
musa maurelli musa maurelli
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Looking for an epic plant? Add the tropical en cool vibe of this Musa maurelli to your outdoor space and enjoy the Spanish sun!

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banana tree musa dwarf cavendish

This banana tree (Musa maurelli) has elongated green leaves with reddish tones. A tropical plant out of this world!

dimensions & properties

  • colour plant: green/red leaves
  • versatile plant: for your house and outdoors too
  • it gives that tropical vibe you were looking for
  • ¡and its for sale at the moment!

This Musa Banana tree is from Valencia. We looked for a perfect one and at this grower we saw they took good care of it.

altura      80-85cm
ancho      40-50cm
tamaño maceta      21cm Ø

care tips

Place the banana plant in a location where indirect sunlight is present throughout the day. Some shade or direct sunlight during the day is not a big deal. Banana plants can be very thirsty. Water them as soon as the top layer of potting soil begins to dry out. If you increase the humidity around this plant, the leaves will stay in better condition. Do this with a plant sprayer.

the banana tree and the bananas

First of all, bananas do not grow on trees, but on plants. The trunk actually consists of an open pile of leaf remains. These large leaves ensure that the plant quickly gives; a tropical impression to its interior. To get edible fruits you have to fertilize the flowers. If you take good care of this plant, it will reward you with the first few flowers and bananas after 3 years.


The banana is the most widely consumed tropical fruit in the world. And you can also grow it on your own balcony, garden and terrace! The most characteristic mineral elements and nutrients of the bananas are:

  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • high level of fibers

All these aspects make it a very healthy fruit. And don't forget about all the vitamins:

  • vitamina A
  • vitamina B1
  • vitamina B2
  • vitamina B3
  • vitamina B6
  • vitamina B9
  • vitamina C
  • vitamina E
  • vitamina K

With a lot of love and good care you will be able to eat your first banana from this musa dwarf cavendish in 2 or 3 years after buying it!

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ideal place ideal place
half shade, shade, indirict light


ideal location ideal location
terrace, balcony, garden, patio, living room, office

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
medium high level

difficulty level

level level
easy to medium


toxicity level toxicity level
safe for children and pets


watering frequency watering frequency
1-3 times a week

delicate leaves

plant with delicate leaves plant with delicate leaves
the leaves of this musa dwarf cavendish are delicate