araucaria hetrophylla araucaria hetrophylla araucaria hetrophylla araucaria
araucaria hetrophylla araucaria hetrophylla araucaria hetrophylla araucaria
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Order this modern spruce with this 'noa' design basket! This Araucaria is not only a Christmas decoration piece, but it looks also gorgeous in your home all year round!

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araucaria excelsa 100cm

The Araucaria Excelsa is a fir tree, we also call it the Araucaria Heterophylla or Norfolk Island pine, it is a species of evergreen gymnosperm, monoecious, native to Norfolk Island, located at the south of New Caledonia, north of New Zealand and east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

dimensions and properties

At the 'Bakker Mondo Verde' nurseries we have selected this variety of the araucaria, the heterophylla from Norfolk Island. This plant is of supreme quality and the nursery respects our environment as much as possible.

  • ELHO Greenville pot included (color: dark green)
  • pot size: 25cm Ø
  • height: 95-100cm ↕
  • amount: 1
  • color: fresh green
  • easy plant
  • eco nurseries
  • this plant is toxic to cats and dogs

care tips

You can use this decorative plant after Christmas, by planting it in your garden or in a pot outside on your terrace or balcony for example. But it's always a good fit in any interior too. You might even be able to use it for other Christmas celebrations in the future if you take good care of this green 'Xmas friend'.

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