duo gerbera rosa duo gerbera rosa gerbera rosa gerbera rosa flor
duo gerbera rosa duo gerbera rosa gerbera rosa gerbera rosa flor
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It's time to decorate your terrace or garden and fill it with colour with this pink flowering Gerbera Daisy. It's very bouncy and easy to care for outdoor plant, available on our website in duo!
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pink gerbera daisy

Decorate your patio, balcony, terrace or garden with this pink Gerbera. The Gerbera is native to South Africa and specifically to the Transvaal region, also known as the Transvaal Daisy, the gerbera belongs to the composite family Asteraceae. Its scientific name refers to Trangott Gerber.

dimensions & properties

We selected these pink Gerberas flowering plants at a nursery called 'Freek van de Velden' in the Netherlands (close to The Hague).

color plant: 2 plantas with green leaves and a lot of pink flowers from March to October

altura      45cm
ancho      40cm
tamaño maceta      17cm Ø

care tips

Gerberas require a moderate degree of care. If grown under the right growing conditions they will not be a lot of work. Place them in a bright spot (they can even receive direct sunlight). Water them taking care not to get the centre of the plant wet and do not allow the substrate to become waterlogged.

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ideal location ideal location
terrace, balcony, garden, patio

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
low level

difficulty level

level level


toxicity level toxicity level
safe for children and pets


watering frequency watering frequency
3-4 times a week in summer