calathea medallion grande calathea medaillon 80cm hoja de la calatea medaillon
calathea medallion grande calathea medaillon 80cm hoja de la calatea medaillon
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This stunning Calathea Medallion is part of the Prayer plant family. It might be one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations and a beautiful diva!

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big calathea medallion

The Calathea Medallion or Calathea veitchiana comes from the Amazon in South America, where it grows deep in the jungle.
Take a good look at the patterns on the leaves, these take on unique shapes.

But the calathea has another special characteristic: it follows the rhythm of nature day and night. In the morning light the beautiful leaves of this special plant spread open to catch the light. And in the evening these red-green leaves will prepare themselves again for the night.

dimensions & properties

From the nurseries 'Ammerlaan The Green Innovator', one of the most eco friendly nurseries in the Netherlands, we bring you this beautiful 80 centimetre tall calatea medaillon to Spain.

  • pot size: 27cm Ø
  • height: 75-80cm ↕
  • amount: 1
  • color: different green tones
  • care: delicate plant
  • pet friendly: dogs and cats
  • this plant is a true air purifier
  • plant from eco friendly nurseries

care tips

For this Calathea it's important that the soil is a bit humid. Check the humidity of the soil every five days and give some water if needed. The Calathea likes a lot of light but doesn't want a place in the full sun. The ideal temperature is between 15 and 23 degrees.

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ideal place ideal place
indirect sunlight, partial shade


ideal location ideal location
living room, dining room

air purifying

air purifying air purifying
medium high level

difficulty level


toxicity level toxicity level
safe for children and pets


watering frequency watering frequency
1-2 times a week